Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catch up and Gratitude

Hello all. I am going to try to make another list of things I am grateful for. Beni (Bill Johnson's,my pastor's wife) had this idea: post 25 things a day that you are grateful for... (25 things EACH DAY ???),  It seems really like a good idea for me today. I believe that making a list will dust out all the corners of self pity in my heart...

First I am going to connect a few missing dots in my story, just to catch you up with the missing pieces in the last couple of months.

Turns out you can overdose on steroids (badly). I was on the dosage prescribed. Slowly, I got more confused, and weaker (um... like unaware of anything, and not able to stand up without help, not able to do anything, even roll over in bed without help...). Anyway, one night we looked up side effects of steroids. There was everything I was experiencing, not in the place called " tumors" but on the page called "side effects of steroids". Many people had the same symptoms, and wrote their stories. So we asked the doctor if we could taper them. He said "Yes." A friend advised to taper them very slowly. So we've been tapering so slowly. Every day I am stronger and more lucid. We are so glad.

I still have a body whose right half is numb and easily hurt (if I am not watching my hand, for instance, it can be resting on a hot pan, and I am not aware it hurts, and is burning... bummer). So I do still have tumor issues, but they haven't changed much since the end of December... We still believe that God has promised an  end to this tumor, and difficulties. We believe that a lavish God has many plans for my life. None of them include dying in 9 months like the first two doctors told us. We believe God has promised much more.

Here is me thankful list for today:

1. The  faithfulness of my husband, and his being there... in sickness and health. Sheesh.

2. Doris. An amazing cook. She also is not a lying coward. I am. I want to be more like that... More like Doris...speaking the TRUTH  in love. I want to be more like Jesus.

3. I am still grateful for the Writers and the Littiers, taking and nurturing our girls.

4. The ability to move myself over in bed. Not fast, but happily mobile. Very grateful for that.

5. Each potential health "bump" we've encountered, every one, has been met by God, every single time. I am grateful for that.

6. Putting my own shoes on, with the shoe horn.

7. Taking steps by myself sometimes across part of a room.

8. Oh! My goodness ! These aren't in order !!! My faithful prayer warriors !

9. My glasses that are working again.

10. Having Ian and Tori in our house.

11. Hearing from Isaac more. Now that Basic is done.

12. Teds (Socks that reduce swelling...)

13. Not getting sick... cold...flu...worse... nope: healthy, healthy, healthy...

14. A comfy large bed.

15. Gums that aren't bleeding (they were.. just worrisome). Not bleeding at all now.

16. Having an iphone: Connection to Eli, the the world, etc.

17. Facebook. Silly, I know, but I am grateful...

18. My whiskers on my head. They continue to give me hope.. that my hair is coming back... that this will eventually end...

19. Netflix...Sometimes it's just nice to veg...but sometimes God can speak so powerfully. Last night: Alice in Wonderland: "Do you even know who you are ? A girl with a powerful destiny...

20. The ability to eat well (did I say heartily?). Others at the clinic have a hard time with even Ensure.

21. My Wall of Cards. I love them.

22. Shawna and Garth. They know where I am living.

23. Spring

24. Flowers in bloom

25. Babies coming... Crystal C... They give such hope from despair. Yeah God.

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