Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thngs I am grateful For

So we had decided that perhaps some of our troubles were too high levels of steroids were maybe the cause of the confusion and weakness. So we asked if maybe we could try tapering them. They said we could try it. I was so trying to hope. i think about an hour later a friend texted me Is 40: 28-31. It was as if God himself was encouraging me at just the right second. I  wept with gratitude. Over the next two days, as the steroids tapered, I could feel the confusion leave. I could do small tasks that I had been unable to do.

Eli and Doris caught the flu. Again, I was frightened (silly Denise...God is so big !). I did not get the flu. I did got rest while Eli rested, but I did not get that bug.

A couple of weeks ago I caught a cold. Again, what does a rattly wheezy chest cold mean with cancer???  Trying to trust in a good God and lavish promises. Check. Slowly, the cold faded to a tiny cough (Thank you God). Well, this week, the workers at the clinic noticed my (now tiny) cough. Zoop, Zap, Zup! I was scheduled for a chest xray! So we met with the doctor. Um... The cough  is actually about gone.. Can we not... We'll rush in for an xray if it gets worse??? They said "Fine". Thank you God. God gave us a clinic that lets you have power to make decisions.

So I started feeling bad about Doris. Remember that scene from Gomer Pyle with the old lady cooking one night for the men ?? Well, it's now been 9 weeks, and Doris is 83. Three nights ago, she was talking, and she said how much she was loving our staying with her. She liked cooking (again, the meals are incredibly close to gourmet. I've never cooked this well in my life... I "cook", but not like that!). Anyway, then she said, "When you are done with your treatment, I am going to find a border. She wasn't kidding. This is really working for both of us. Thank you Jesus.

Did I tell you about my girls? So we fall down this rabbit hole, and for them to stay down here in Los Angeles seemed crazy. So two friends said, "We'll just take them in our home".... um... it's now been 8 weeks. Your sacrifice of caring for my babies when I can't at all is so eternal.

I knew these might not be in order ,...  A couple of days ago two friends (they actually live in different cities, and don't know each other...) wrote me of dreams they had had where I had hair (It's kind of pot luck with cancer. Sometimes you get it back, and sometimes you don't... sometimes you get another color (gray)). So last night I realized my head is all whiskers!!! My hair is growing back !!! Thank you Jesus !

A few weeks ago, they noticed swelling in my right leg. So we went for an ultrasound. (me thinking not a big deal, right?) They say clots (um.... a number of them ... and in both legs...) The clots could move to the heart and it's sudden death.. So they do surgery and install a net in my inferior vena cava (okay, I want SOME of my students to remember what I'm talking about here...vena cava!!!) . No complications from surgery, nothing. Thank you God.

There's more. For now, though, I just wanted you to know we serve a lavish God. He is good all the time.

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