Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday update: Choosing life

Today went for MRI and waiting for results. Did not seem like miraculous results we were hoping for. Meanwhile I am fighting confusion and hopelessness and decreased ability to take care of myself.

Felt like coming to a crisis today, should I roll over and play dead or fight for life? Decided to go for life and the promises He has been speaking over us since Dec. 11th. He has spoken only words of healing, hope and long life over me, words of plans for my future, crazy plans. Decided tonight I would trust in those words again. Trust in the lavishness of a good God and trust in God's ability to do what He has spoken. Trust in a God who is good all the time. Either I believe in the death sentence to kill, steal and destroy my family or I can say no there is no legal ground for what the devil is doing and trust that God will do what He has promised. I will put all my chips on the table on the side of what God has promised. No doubt, no fear just a lavish God.

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