Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazing Day Spent with a Lavish God

Oh my goodness what a day...

Today I went into treatment. I got to minister and share with one of the workers. It was so sweet, it made me cry. I could minister hope, and life, and God. Such an amazing answer to prayer. I can hardly believe the wonderful place God has planted me.  Was that the crowning time of my day ??? Got to kick in the toothless one and plunder!!! Yippee !!!!

I soaked in Presence. Amazing time. Would someone tell me how, oh how, that piece, only a tiny hour, has not been an easily implemented part of my life? What's up with that? Really? So busy I could not "tarry one hour?" Really? But the fruit was so amazing and glorious...

Tomorrow, we get to go to a party. Unsaved ones abounding (do you see me rubbing my hands in glee??? ) Oh.. gonna kick a toothless devil's Butt... So stoked about the opportunity... Again, I giggle at the God breathed place of fatness, God-power and spunkiness. Oh how it makes me laugh!

Today I spent time at Barnes and Nobles. Read a four hundred page book on alternative cancer treatments (did I say I was feeling brainy?) The book was so amazing. It gave me so much! Of course I will beat this. Sheesh... What a 'no brainer'.

And last, but not least, is the Superbowl. Yes, Marcie. I decided on green and gold tattoes on my adorable cue ball...(it was the "Double Dog Dare" that pushed me over the edge....)  Perfect. I actually found this recipe for Girls Scout Scott Tea Cookies that I just have to try to make. I am stoked about the amazing progress that says even replicating a recipe is within the realm of something I can actually do. Amazing Move of God, I think.

Just for grins, I will write you the song that God has been singing to me for days...

"You're Mine, You're Mine, You're Mine. You're Fine, You're Fine, You're Fine. I have Plans for You, Big Plans. Long Life, Long Life, Long Life,

Love you, my /wall of Warriors. I fell so supported, cherished, and protected. Thank you.

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