Monday, February 7, 2011

Thoughts on a lavish God

It no longer even feels like a wall of warriors praying for me. It is a shining array of so much love and beauty and myriads of the best in people... . I am so very grateful for the support. I am awed by it all...

Another living room time... from my heart to yours...

We are living in this strange place of extreme faith ... I guess God does not always call, nor even allow for normal, tedium in the Spooner walk right now... But the perfection of Gods provision, second by second, is amazing.

It's been exactly four weeks since I fell down this peculiar rabbit hole... At first it seemed so surreal, just like a bad dream with Cheshire cats and rules of engagement I'd never really thought much about.

I think I have now understood the first salvo: the devil is always out to steal, kill, and destroy, and God is aways for my good. He never changes, His mood never shifts, nor is He ever in a bad mood..." I just don't feel like loving or being lavish, or being a good Father today..." Not like this tired, sometimes weak Mama over the years. Nope. Always my Papa, with a lap to climb into, and comfort and Shalom peace to rest in. Even now.

We are now in Los Angeles, staying at my husband's God mother's, 80 something year old Doris... It went something like this..."Hello Doris? Are you back from relatives in Florida? Oh? Just got home??? How nice... Do you mind extended stay houseguests who aren't terribly good at remembering birthdays and Christmases or anything??? Um... Maybe 12 weeks for the duration of the treatment in LA??? That would work, you think??? Okay, we'll be driving up tomorrow..."


Or landing our two girls in faith: "You can take each for say ten weeks at the start of the school term??? We'll just put them on a plane... and trust ..... Um... Thank you"

Isaac leaves for US Air Force boot camp in A couple of weeks... One of the death sentence people counseled us, pick a goal that's reachable (like a son graduating from boot camp soon)... NO! I want the whole enchilada! I want to see the wings... I want to see the career, eventual wife, chubby cheeked grandchildren! God has great plans for me... Many good plans!!!. I'm just trusting in the plans of a big dreaming God!

Wow... That was mostly scattered...

Truly, I wanted to say thank you. Your prayers, each one, your work at our houses (!) your posts, emails, texts and show of support sustain us like a shimmery diaphanous show of Gods lavish
promise of life and miraculous working power... Thank you

Oh yeah... Turns out irradiating and heating the brain in life giving treatments can swell it and produce sleep depriving nausea... Ok peeps.. So grateful for the prayers and Gods faithful provision in all parts of this extreme adventure. Thanks for praying... Even for nausea abatement !!!

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