Monday, February 7, 2011

Plundering party!!!

So the clinic I'm being treated at is a lot like a family. The people who are there are actually coming from not just the US, but other countries. So this "knitness" that this little community feels is pretty neat. Each person coming in gets folded into a family of people fighting a similar fight, and trying to find hope and life after cancer...

Last week this woman came and and said that the last Marker, and the last PET scan showed her to be free of cancer. Free of CANCER !!! I was so excited for her. She now has a long life to live... I so rejoiced in her victory. After talking with her for a while, though, I realized that she wasn't rejoicing. She was still bound up in fears and "what ifs". I was so grieved.

If we let him, we can still give lots of power to the devil. On a daily, even moment by moment basis, we can let him rob of us of life, peace, joy, abundance, hope... It comes down to a choice of MINE! Do I choose to believe that God loves me enough to care about each little detail? If I surrender each detail to His Care, trusting that He cares even more about each outcome than I do, than I can walk out of a lifestyle of trust in a Father who is always for me. Never in a bad mood or just wishing I would stop harassing Him with my little issues. Nope. He so loves me coming to Him and sharing each piece of my day.

The choice seems almost a laughable one. I can trust in my own ability to "handle" each aspect of my life, and really be bound and harassed by worry, or I can choose to live in the lavish richness of a God who loves to demonstrate His goodness. Doesn't that seem like a silly choice ??? Wow.

So this woman is having a party this weekend to celebrate her finishing. She invited us. We are so excited. More life-giving, God encountering, hope infusing time. I want life. Not just for me. But for her. For each person along my way on this journey. Oh God. You are so lavish. Show them. Use me.

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