Monday, February 7, 2011

One more whack at life!

Hello precious friends. Time for another living room update...

The treatment we came for was not working . So after searching, praying, researching, (did I say praying???), we landed on one. It is radiation with microwave heat treatments.

We loaded my three children on a plane for Redding this afternoon . Ok, my prayer warriors.. pray for them.

The prep work is done , the treatments start Monday in Los Angeles. The treatment will take 8 - 12 weeks...WHAT??? I don't know what that looks like past Monday!!! Eli has a God mother in LA... So we are driving there now... To stay with step by one step...

It's kind of funny, living extremely day to day. I wake up in the morning and think, "ok... Still here... What is today's plan??? " really freaky, having no more great plans than to be here in the morning... Breathing.. Life is very extreme right now !

Here is the great news: We are not gonna roll over and collapse! We choose life, God, and Hope!!! Every word, message, text and email we read is a breath of life from our Father. Thank you.

As we were getting labs, etc., stuff ready for Mondays start, we saw more hope than we had seen since the first day of diagnosis, Dec 12... As we saw more (sick) people coming in for treatment, we saw a theme: hope. We heard words like"1/4 shrunk" or won't need to see you for 6 weeks... Over and over. We took away hope in a good God and His good plan... So we are driving towards that hope...

Would never wish a journey like this on anyone... But the love of God intertwined throughout it is lavish . He is such a good God. So rich towards us.

Did I already ask you to pray for my children? Yeah.

Thank you precious friends.

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