Monday, February 7, 2011


| have a confession to make. I love the comic FAR SIDE. So nerdy and fun.

So I have one favorite that has been in my head for a couple os days now: I hope you know which one I mean...

There is this scene of hell, with lots of torment and agony. Then there's this one guy just doing his job... whistling, happy, and oblivious to the torment. It's bugging the demons terribly..."He;s just not getting it, is he??? "

With this wall of prayer, I feel just like that happy go lucky guy. The torment just isn't touching near...

Day four of treatment is done. Today they heated up my brain for an hour, and then irradiated both sides. Sheesh. Twice yesterday's time and fear factor...

All the sites said when you heat the brain and irradiate it, it will swell in that confined space, and cause pain and lots of nausea.

Flash forward to supper: "Okay... maybe just ONE more tiny piece of pork.  The applesauce is divine, and the asparagus is perfect... "Eli, do you wan t to fight me for these last two spears...???"

I know I should be nauseous. God is so amazing and  good. I feel your prayers...just sayin... Thank you.

Thrush .. turns out irradiation makes it excruciating. The medicine tastes like rinsing in lotion... then you're supposed to just leave the stinging lotion sit in your mouth. EEEEW

But when my babies had thrush, I just slathered it with acidophilus and live culture. So I just dumped the powder on  and it's receding.. not hurting, and not scary.... just whistling...about a good God and His perfect provision....

I now have two secret places to share with you. I decided I would share them. come what may..

I am going for life . In every cranny, everywhere I can push it. I am gunning to get to know everyone at thus clinic, the workers, the patients... the Doctors..."So , do you have family??? Are they good? Have needs? It is so silly. I know the doctor thinks I'm a little off..."isn't this science fun?" I sure am having fun learning, aren't you???" He's been doing it so long. MY goal is to even see that very learned man filled with wonder at the mystery, and fun of a good God! the patients. I am going to breathe life into each one.. I know that's a piece of my job now. Game on.

Here's my second secret: I am kicking in the teeth of the devil. When the bad news just kept rolling in, it was daunting. "don't speak with your enemy unless your attorney is present", Kris Valloton says. I was mad about the illegal moves on a precious daughter of the King..  So I decided to take back much more than he ever thought to rob. I am mining every correspondence for wobbly babies and almosts in the Kingdom. Dialoging about death and afterlife to dry old bones, and praying life into those arid places. Ohh ! The riches of the fight, and the wonder of it all! I am having a blast! Ha Ha Ha! Take that! God is always so good, and wins with every (EVERY) hand... even a very bad one !!! It is so rich...

Eli is probably going to head to Redding for the weekend to set so many things up for our extended stay at this (do you even call it a Phat Pharm when you actually might get fat and enjoy it... surely not) :) Prayer for timing, arrangements, rest for my man. Much rest and encouragement.

Guess that's all... Just lots of gratitude fro amazing praying friends, and a lavish lavish God!

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