Sunday, February 13, 2011

Denise's observations from out of the fog...

{Editor's note: Denise's time out of the fog is usually somewhat short but she writes me notes and gave me this to post this evening. We are hoping the doctor has a good explanation for this tomorrow but we know the Great Physician is on it! Eli}

So learned about another side effect... Amazing confusion. Rolls in like a thick fog. When the fog is in I can't think even a tiny bit. Just shake, cry and puzzle over everything. Eating is a mystery. Walking pretty um... Wobbly... Whew! Nothing makes sense...

Anyway... I learned tonight that the terrifying fog rolls away when I just listen to worship music, soak, like the Seths taught my children to do so long ago.. Chris, Kim, Brian, Jenn... Yup. I can sometimes find peace and no confusion.

Jesus that place is sweet. Pray for me, my hearties... I'm sure this is just another place God wants victory in, right? Woo hoo! Go warriors!!!

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  1. Praying for you today, Denise. That the fog would leave you and refreshed / re-knewed mind... the one who knows that everything is going to be alright... would arrive. I love you my friend.