Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homeschool Perspective

 The second thing hello my amazing Homeschool friend. I wanted to say, what we all know, but I wanted to share it from my perspective, from my heart to you: I homeschooled my four children…for the last fifteen years... Every subject and lesson...

I thought I would be schooling them for twenty years. Then, I thought I would then about twenty or thirty years after  to kick back and enjoy the reward of all of that hard work. What if I don't get that? What if it was all work, and they are just about done home schooling, and that's all the time I get? IT WAS SO WORTH IT. All the days of phonics and slaving at Saxon Math, and tussling over vocabulary and writing, every day was worth it. I can say at the end of it all, "I did my very best with what You gave me" . (In my very personal living room, I am talking to friends who have been on this journey of homeschooling alongside me for a long time, and some not so long…) IT WAS WORTH IT! Even if this is all the time I get, it was worth it to really send off my quiver of children! It is so worth it, all the days and years of homeschooling!!!
Again, if that was too weird,  delete. I just needed to say it: No end of life regrets. IT WAS WORTH IT. Homeschooling was one of our best decisions.

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