Monday, February 7, 2011

Sounds silly, but just need to share my day..

So I wake  up bright eyed a few minutes ago, thinking, "So Refreshing getting a good night's sleep!!!" Then I realize... I haven't slept much at all. But I have this amazing Tigger bounce in me... Just so many cool things, and such a wonderful day, given by God... NEED To share it! (I'm SURE I'll be able to  sleep after, right? Right?

So we got invited to this fancy party Saturday night. A girl at the clinic was free of cancer, so her family threw her a party. Catered, and so fancy. One of the cool things I brought back from the party was buckets of hope. A woman came to the party who went to the clinic for treatment ten years ago. Still thriving after ten years... God himself has such plans for me...Plans of life and so many dreams He still has for me to walk out and accomplish!!!

We went and could speak words of life and God to even the lost. It was rich...Still plundering...

Sunday morning, we went to church via www.ibethelTV  Seeing beloved friends sitting in church.. worshiping and in the River we love, was amazing. Just almost-being there was like home... We felt so part of a Great thing, and a Great God!!!

After church, I decided I NEEDED to make shortbread cookies to eat watching the Superbowl. Silly Denise. Kinda aiming high there...   I never could make shortbread cookies (think...Lorna Doone and Girls Scout Scott Teas...). Over thirty years, tried a few times, and failed...really badly each time. So the victory of making these cookies was HUGE for me. Made 'em just like the ones they sell...just like the Scout ones... check!

Feeling improvement... needing challenging stuff.. feeling so much energy and life and hope...

When I was in college, I spent my football Saturdays being a "Down Marker" for our football games. Um, you kinda have to know about football to do that, or a WHOLE lot of people start getting mad at you pretty quickly. Anyway, sitting and watching the Superbowl, and being totally "into" what was happening, was so rich. Another "brainy" exercise for Denise.

Another day, Another bad day for the devil.. Thought you could just try an illegal shot? But no. God can take that fangless shot and still show His Lavish care, over and over again. Thought you wouldn't lose? But the "net"of "How's that workin' out for you ?" is looking kind of bad. I am still plundering, mining babies, wobbly ones, and even "walking away" ones.. Ah Ha Ha Ha!

Thank you for the prayers and support. You are amazing. We are grateful...

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