Monday, February 7, 2011

Just had to Share this!!!

So my sister in Atlanta decides to make cookies... Ginger snaps... The kind that give you enough sugar and Ginger to fight nausea... Only I wasn;t having nausea three days ago when she baked and packed them ... At all.

She bakes them and sends them all the way across the country... They arrive in the mail two hours before my flight . We decide to pack them , not thinking I'll be nauseous, but because it's funny and sweet..

I think because all of the getting ready after a full day of radiation and microwave, I am feeling pretty gnarly on the plane. .. First time of feeling pretty nauseous, I think . Anyway, we break out the cookies, and my pitiful stomach settles....

I began to wonder about the lavish care of God ... again . Did He really set up to have cookies baked, sent, and shipped, to arrive at just the right time? Really? Does He care so intimately about the details of our lives? Is He really that lavish and loving??? I believe that He loves us that much.

He love us, Oh How He loves us... Oh How He loves us ! Oh How He loves us, Oh how He Loves!!!

I am awash in His love, I think !!!

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