Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reformed "Chicken Little"

Hello friends. I decided that I would share with you a very old dream. Perhaps the sharing of it will brimg amazing life and victory to you. That is my prayer...

In 1994, we lived in Union, Maine, and went to a small, and so sweet community church. The closness of the community still exists now, twenty years later. Anyway, one night I had this dream. In the dream,  there were these pockets of people.. scattered over these woods. Some of the pockets (my most comfortable ones), just kind of warmed each other (um... did I tell you this dream is my biggest shame ? )
(A delete key works here still, I think...). There were other clusters that Pastor Paul worked evangelistically, and tried to get more of us to care deeply about. Oh! Chicken Little cared.. I was just scared. Scared of rejection, ridicule, failure..Just scared. So near the end of the dream, a bellish thing started ringing, like the close of the age. So everyone started moving towards this processing center. The easy ones were my favorite groups. They knew their salvation, and knew they were all paid for by His Blood. Their entry at the gates was assured,

Then I began to watch the other groups. I realized suddenly, that I had had any number of days...years.. to tell ANYONE of those people people of the love of God and His plan for them to come to him...and I had been too scared. It was now too late. I started weeping and regretting (is there a REALLY stronger word for regret??? It has to almost have the word "agony" in it, I think...). They had lost their chance... and were going to go to the processing place without hope of a redeemer. They were going to have to try to get in in their own merits.. Anyone knows that those merits wouldn't cut it with a God who thought His plan of sending His only Son, looking upon His salvation as the only way for a tade, his righteousness for their filth... I wept at those well meaning, but eternally separated people. Again, wept is a paltry word for what I felt...

Well, I guess God can take a death sentence at UCSF to change me into a lion for Him. He doesn't even mind that it took me soooo long to "get" the lesson. Round and round that chicken mountain, failing, and God doesn't even blink in disappointment . Nope. Crazy, but I feel like He is now in the stands, so proud, his buttons are bursting...  running up to everyone He sees: Do you see how she "NAILED" the lesson this time??? THAT'S my GIRL!!! So proud of His daughter for getting the lesson after only thirty years.. Amazing mercy. Amazing Grace.

I have one more thing to share...(can you blog too long???) Guess I just will share, won't I ???

Just need to remind myself today that the devil is still totally toothless. Feels like he is trying to squeek in access. But no! It's a done deal. I was bought and paid for fully by His stripes. When He was whipped, all of the penalty for sin was on Him. All. I get off scott free on the best trade deal of all time. He was cursed, I go free for eternity.   Whether I stand before Him and that's in thirty years, or in two months. Point is, I'll stand and worship be in His presence forever.

Let's live out loud... bold as lions!

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